“A new life”, abroad in Spain

El Capra, Tiny homestead hidden in the mountains of Spain, direct surrounded by 945.785 m2 mountains nature with no houses + about 6,000,000 m2 more of same mountain on other side many endless more around as far you can see.
After endless time and a number of so-called highly skilled brokers, I finally sold in summer 2021 my property in Belgium, to start a new life abroad off grid self-sufficient. Leaving the matrix of life behind me all as much as possible, which I hate since I was a kid. This in my own way within my physical limits which are strongly limited. 

The lie with which we have all been manufactured manipulative, raised to live all our lives according to the imposed industrial school political education, to chase the learned performing ego all our lives. But instead of being your own nature and not living the fake life, lead what we were taught. I and we don't need these programmed robots still pulling me/us in their selfish ego needing me/us for their own agenda to feed their bank account but without me/us, they are one step backwards, and I am moving forward on my own natural way we are nature nothing more. 

So I have already left the ratrace, but not yet self-sufficient just a year ago, I even clicked away the so-called social media Facebook and Twitter. And have not regretted it yet. My body has forced me to leave this rat race live and which I never felt good in that live, from I was a kid so due to health problems that this society ultimately causes for all of us. Whether you want to admit it openly or not, I’ll go living without excessive consumption of buying rubbish, and enjoying the simplicity and nature around me and what is within my personal ability I’m (+66% disabled). Several countries were on the menu for living off the grid living with less money ass sustainable as possible, the choice of Spain came partly thanks to my health and the Spanish country is large enough to not see every second a Spanish tourist who wants to quickly forget the ratrace in Spain, although that Spanish holiday is also rather ratrace like in my opinion.

Selling my property in Belgium was disastrous, and watch out for their pitfalls of most of these real estate sellers, many owners who sold will hardly ever dare to admit or have the courage to release the real estate agent who did not keep his promise from his task of recruiting a new real estate agent I’ve had 4, and it paid off in the end. Even if it was the notary who stole part of the deal, they are highly skilled bastards. Those brokers sell more nonsense talk than act professionally and also act more according to the fake it until you make it principle and manipulating behaviour, and in politics it’s even more and in the larger companies is just the standard, or you don’t get into it in all these sectors and institutions they will make you disappear instantly.

I hate most of this type of people, no, not all of them because I worked with them as a self-employed person for many years. But most they’re not humans, they’re programmed robots. As long as they realize their sale regardless of what they agreed with the customer, that no longer matters to them after contract. You see this clearly today with the biggest modern mafia on the planet Big Pharma, they are not responsible for their vaccines not even for your death because of it same kind of people.

Typical example of the nonsensical society matrix life that is pushed any bullshit down our throats, by these so-called higher educated individuals. With all their higher venomous hypocritical selfish, and their psychologically manipulative dealings with people or other life forms. Any bullshit with them their daily fake positivity, simply out for their own continuous drive for a satisfying orgasm, and unjustified excessive financial income and ego successes. It’s in overdrive in all sectors throughout society. Have been independent for 21 years and going against the flow was difficult, but with real appreciation no fake hassle and falling you always do that is not bad. The herd is controlled by this kind of manipulators since some clever idiot invented a god just to manipulate the herd something that has spawned many wars till today.

Fortunately, there are also alternative thinking higher educated people, otherwise the planet would have been completely tricked. But there must be a strong changeable wind within this higher educated people otherwise we are as good as lost, the entire planet they have damaged the planet too much with their economic rule and environmentally unfriendly products. That we are in worse shape the climate report will give up, because minimizing and conceal reality they always’ve the desire of wanting more power, more money in their bank account this always remains more important whatever they say.

Selling you’re too expensive paid property that you created with a lot of hard work sweat and misery and successes according to social basic standard, at least certainly you are If you just do It! Like I am, and everyone is able to start a new life in another country where the land and houses are cheaper. If you look carefully, even It is possible early to retire without looking go the poor interest that you still get from the big bank corporations. If you do it in combination with being self-sufficient off grid as far as you can go for yourself, then you are on your way to your own real freedom. And not the fake, standardized freedom that is actually nothing more than a hot air balloon that can be pierced with a needle at any moment. And such new life is also the way to a more really healthy life for yourself, and the future of the surrounding planet. Because my God yes we have terribly exploited and destroyed it until the present and the distant future.

El Capra, Tiny homestead from above.
A new radical journey in this life increasingly outside the conventional society experience more freely in nature, even though I have already been severely physically and mentally destroyed by that society. But I believe in the power of nature and not the daily grind of today's fake positive expressions that the herd so likes to present on a daily basis physically it seems impossible to live more and more self-sufficiently Off the grid in nature on my possibility terms, as I also have a few hernias, one of which was operated on. 

About 30 years ago I did not take the desired step to live in the off grid live in the wilderness of Canada was then the motivation later after a hard life including those 21 years of independent activity I am happy with my opinion more and more that I will be closer to the wild and quiet nature more off the grid living. Whether we will really achieve self-sufficient off grid living is not certain given the physical limitations I already have on a daily basis, 

but let's start the journey and see where we can take it and be happy with it, the journey is always more important than the destination as long as you have good intentions for this world.

Section of private road with the back to the Tiny mountain house.

I hope one of these days to get to know the answers of my lawyer of the legality of a hidden mountain house that I have made an offer on I have a current contrato de reserva (summer 2021) running hopefully with positive news, third time lucky? Don't feel like looking for another property make an offer again waiting for an answer usually no answer from brokers, yes too crazy for words that I am going to buy a house for the second time this live with the money of the house I sold in Belgium a mortgage now that never again that is the purest form example of a slave product this never again I rather sleep in a tent. From the previous life where the house was + 300/m² interior space, I still have about 20 moving boxes, still too much stuff, and will open them again for the umpteenth time to see what needs to go. 

View with the back of the Tiny house hidden in the protected mountains with stunning views, the Tiny house is on a very steep mountain surrounded by pine trees, dry olive trees and other fruit & nut trees.

If you know what you have paid in interest to the bank all those years and how expensive houses and land are, land that actually belongs to no one but the planet itself, then we waste most of our lives working for NOTHING, especially because additional slave taxes on the purchased land and house are settled by the government annually and also after your death. 

And then they complain that there are so many mental problems in the world that such individuals, such as an excess of politicians and political bodies, cause it themselves.

Even though the city is with all amenities of my Tiny mountain house a 3 km further up/down the mountain via many steep bends where you have all the necessities that today's society offers if needed, it is a good step for me in the direction of a freer, more natural, quieter life to lead in nature seen that 3 km up or down the mountain for me a great physical painful exhausting effort will be even by car. 

It is unfortunately not 100 or 1000 km deep in a jungle, but a step in the right direction for me and hopefully an encouragement for you and every other person. With his baggage and wishes for this planet not inexhaustible continue with consumption behaviour work to work buy and buy to feel satisfied, and buy again to buy and pretend to be different every day than you are, so going with the herd in conventional society. Which has become an obsolete social concept, and has only progressive progress to the advantage of some fake positivists who use manipulative psychology 24/24 7/7 to feel satisfied orgasms and to increase their bank account on the roof of a majority of (REAL working people) population group that become poorer more unhealthy. Then they have therefore science for solutions and commercial medicines for that as a so-called solution. But prevention is better than cure, humanity no longer succeeds in that.

"Prevention is better than cure" 
That does not apply any more because this does not bring these health factories power and ego orgasm or even money on the bank.

Many people know that commercial medicines and treatments make you sicker, since 2016 it has been confirmed to me personally by doctors when it all was too late. And even as the largest health insurance in Belgium knows, it has been well known for years that this is the largest factor of long-term illness and not the disease Itself from patients. 

In a book about medicinal cannabis that I once read, the author wrote that since the aspirin came on the market there have been about 20 thousand deaths every year from the first year, while the previous medication based on medicinal cannabis in 4000 to 5000 year there was no single death. But that pill in a factory box is easier to prescribe by the Doctor and quick and easy to sell by the pharmacist win-win situation with a profit margin foreseen in advance as if you were selling cookies, in which the big pharmaceutical industry has grown and is now considered the largest mafia on the planet. 

2021 the pandemic is still ongoing and the antiviruses are already rising up to 24% more expensive in price, so because so It seems to be proven to be working is the explanation of the pharmaceutical industry. We can all hope we don't get any complications later on because the costs won't be paid by the mega profits that were made. Profit takes precedence and if profit takes precedence then your health and mine are not important, then they would like to see another pandemic come from some other lab because that is where the Chinese bite their teeth where the Covid-19 virus realy comes from? Yes, our rat race lifestyle has of course also sent it around the world in no time, we are also guilty. 

The view below over the last land of the mountain house.

About I have chosen a new life in a hidden Tiny mountain house that is not in the woods, which was initially always was my deep wish, since I have now chosen Spain in this life because of my distance from Belgium and my health condition better and warm dry climate, Spain was a logical choice, but the many forest fires in Spain did me completely choose another region that I actually didn't want this more dry region but better climate for my health as I could already determine during my visit to the tiny house for the first time in those 4 days. And the choice that there are many forest fires in Spain as also seen again on the news during my first visit to this mountain house there were forest fires in three parts of Spain including a devastating fire of more than 1,600 hectares in Tarragona also In Turkey, Greece Italy and now in August an even bigger fire in California in the United States. 

Soon UN climate report 2021 will be announced, but 30 years ago there was also a warning by science, will we undergo the aggravated consequences again over 30 years or will we all really bring change right now? By really starting to live differently right now.

At the same time, in the news reports, there is worldwide record sales of pure consumption behaviour in the purchase of luxury cars, and this even during the Covid-19 pandemic. So in another 30 years, the planet will be in even more trouble. Can't be saved, they already say, but only if we radically change our lifestyle because you can't count on governments and greedy hypocritical herds.

Devastating fires: Yes I think I hope I have a good choice made with this small hidden mountain house farm, a hurricane won't bring the sea in my life that far I don't think. So I will sit high and bear and fairly fire free off grid, although I have many pine trees and dry shrubs on the surrounding land. But those should be cleaned by the poultry naturally and which is not can be done by myself then will need volunteers

± 1.5 km down the road some hard to see in the picture there are wild mountain goats.

So I hope in the off grid small homestead farm to grow poultry around the mountain house such as turkey, duck, meat chickens, pheasants and small garden also a food Forest, or scatter small food forests here and there that are easier to irrigate. I think keeping the poultry will go easier given the space and for the fruit and vegetables you need water, unfortunately It is also easier to leave poultry alone for a long time with food systems. 

Like most brokers the advertisement for the mountain house for sale was with irrigation water as was described at this mountain house, it turns out that it is connected to city water together with some residents more down the mountain. So depending on that water price what needed and what can be collected from rainwater (It's dry region in Spain not much rainfall) vegetables will be grown, but all again dependent also on my physical health. Poultry is less difficult with some modern tools in such as home-made feeding systems and a plucking machine you can more easily provide your own meat, which is the most expensive to purchase, and so I can save wasting money living with less money is also being more independent. And therefore less dependent on the waste-processing consumer of society.

Part of the animal enclosures.
Keeping poultry with simple feeding systems will not make life too hard and will put meat on our plate without much work, such as quail, turkey, broiler chickens, pheasants, guinea fowl and partridges... meat is the most expensive so only to buy fish in the long run and others spend time growing vegetables and fruits.

And so we look further to our possible further development in this new life. And reduce consumption behaviours that are so devastating the for this planet which is not ours, we only live there.

Perhaps occasionally hikers-tourists pass by the mountain house where they can see that life can be different by example off grid and not in a way just as a tourist they even can start a garden or food forest at their home why not.  A one simple thing can help to change the world.

Curious to meet other self-sufficient people, each in their own way.

Living in tiny house or just (off grid or not) people who have sold their house and retire early by living in a cheaper way -country house close to nature whether they live off grid the land partly completely or not just don't live fully in the conventional world any more or are part of it or looking for it doing it...
Or do their best in the city with balcony vegetable gardens and terrace gardens... But that's another topic not for me.
Steenbok, ibex or Capra pyrenaica who live around the mountain are.
Who knows in time I will also have some goats on the homestead
                There is nothing permanent except change.

                          - HERACLITUS OF EPHESIA
So texts on this website are often reread by myself, and in my opinion adapted at that time. Nothing is permanent, not me and nor you.



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