Arrived in new French little cottage.

Arrived afternoon 19 august after just not 10 days drive, yes most people will drive this in one day from Belgium to Corréze, but this is physically impossible for me. So how are things going in the small house and new area that is never saw before, I bought the house online for those who are just started to read my blogs. The house is OK Of course, like a new the real estate brokers always lie about what they sell. The house was sold as renovated, yes in which year I don’t think of last year but rather about 10 to 15 years ago.

Here and there some small refurbishment things, it is also a cozy house that is bigger than none was. Also, this I knew the upstairs bathroom with double bedroom I now use for storage this will be about 20 m2 approximately, downstairs a small bedroom with open kitchen and dining room and small fireplace that heats whole house (still downstairs) Firewood I had ordered 4 large boxes on Amazon, only 1 was delivered, and this firewood goes well because it is the first week that even during the day I have to light stove. Next week it would be around 21 degrees during the day after this blog posted Amazon has replayed that to transfer my money back, after many twitter complaints and e-mails…

The town.

Firewood I had ordered 4 large boxes on Amazon, only 1 was delivered, and this firewood goes well because it is the first week that even during the day I have to light the stove. Next week it would be around 21 degrees during the day. Next week it would be around 21 degrees during the day! Outside I have some fruit trees, apple and pear and a large walnut tree that yields a lot of tasty walnuts, too many for me only so neighbors eat with me 🙂

On the other side of the country lies the land of a slightly further neighbor that has a large fruit and vegetable garden, the owner is already in the hospital before my arrival. His wife, I think retired, also regularly donates a lot of greetings and fruit like this one on the photo.


3 black Ouessant sheep.

The grassland is about +3500m2 where I now have three Ouessant sheep on a 500m2 taken over from owner who donated them, could not take care of it anymore. It is a couple of 6 years old with a young of 6 months. It is the smallest sheep breed that exists and is barely 50 cm tall. Around this time as I already see they are bronzed and in the spring one lamb is born again, very exceptionally two.

Left to right, father, son, 6 months + mother.

The Ouessant sheep is named after the island of Ouessant off the coast of Brittany. Due to the harsh climate (few or no trees and therefore little shelter and a lot of wind and rain) and the poor soils, the Ouessant sheep is one of the smallest sheep breeds (if not the smallest) in the world. The shoulder height is about 45 cm, rams weigh up to 20 kg. For the same reasons, the ewes usually only give birth to one young at a time. The rams have relatively large, twisted horns.

The surrounding is amazingly beautiful and calm, a mix of landscape of forest valley and farmland and wildlife, many lizards Birds of prey, roe deer, until now encountered a large unknown animal black and with Plate long muzzle that looks like badger, but it has white stripes and this animal did not have some small snakes I have also encountered.

On my terrace, they like to sunbathe and look for food. Occasionally like today there is one inside under the curtains, the dog quickly notices them and I chase them outside. An elderly lady who always walks by with her dog around 11 o’clock in the morning and likes to make wise talk tells that they are dangerous and poisonous, a small dog would have recently died from a bite. I don’t like to hear that, but that’s nature.

French companies such as telephone, airlines, banks … they live on their island in France English they barely speak or do not want to speak it, they have English lines, but then you have French answering machine to begin with, they do record quickly, but then they do not know English and / or a little and someone will call back like today at insurer, but sometimes they call back another time not at all.

Lizard on terrace, often one is inside like yesterday dog notices it immediately, and I have to hunt them outside

In terms of language, the same as in Belgium the half called Wallonia and against France or also in the middle of Brussels, the French speakers never want to speak Dutch, the Flemish always have to bend down and speak French. I still see English as a world language so as certainly as a large company and with offered English telephone help lines you expect that people also speak English, but this is often not the case, they can know it as in Belgium French-speaking Dutch (some anyway) but do not want to speak Dutch they do not want to speak English quickly here in France speak. If this is in stores or something else there are often people who speak English immediately, just like on the phone it is always important that you also make an effort to speak your best little French, and then they also speak some English language more easily!

A short 5 minute walk from home.

A difficulty is opening a bank account or paying insurance and other services you have to have a French bank and French phone number to get French bank account and/or French phone number yes too crazy to be true also for insurance the first insurance I have been able to pay through Belgian account for fire insurance house but now 2.5 months later for the car they do not want to receive payment from abroad? To start emigrating you need to know someone with a French phone number who can request services in your place such as Bank or insurance or even mobile phone number in France, without that nothing works. They also ask for your domicile address with proof of a telecom or electricity bill in your name, but you do not have that if you have not yet moved, so you can’t help but call in someone who already lives in France to arrange those first steps, via that person address phone number.

Then you have a bank account then of course you immediately place your own Belgian phone number in j account, yes that was a wrong mistake because now I no longer get into that bank account because the system only recognizes a French phone number and with many contacts and attempts and forwarding documents refuse and they do not even respond to the bank to get back your account open fortunately only 300 euros has been deposited as requested opening + 80veuro which I got from bank when I accounted opened at that B….. online bank. If you are so fed up with those games that I told them that I will hear from the telecom or EDF electricity bill if the bill has insufficient funds, then they can put their bank account wherever they want because the account cannot be used. I am trying a new online bank but here too it is difficult, perhaps because the system does not recognize my address, I have received a house number since last month at my request to the municipality before that it had a name as it is often remote in rural areas, but annoying for getting services done.

My first love is always the forest.

They joined the internet on my birthday (50), but no technician seen no message received, a few weeks later last Wednesday the same story did not tell a technician by appointment. So twitter, twitter advertising and yes hear few hours later phone of technician sorry, sorry I’m on the way. On the spot it was too much to unscrew four screws from the old phone test box that may be about 50 years old or so and the mega hole behind it was not big enough? The internet They joined the internet on my birthday (50), but no technician seen no message received, a few weeks later last Wednesday the same story did not tell a technician by appointment. So twitter advertising and yes hear few hours later phone of technician sorry, sorry I’m on the way. On the spot it was too much to unscrew four screws from the old phone test box that may be about 50 years old or so and the mega hole behind it was not big enough? The internet.

Bon appétit!

Sometimes I think of if only I hadn’t bought a house anymore and traveled around freely as a nomad, even though that is also physically so hard, but that foolish society form continues to break up health, people have been educated so much longer now that almost nothing is really going well in the world it has never been such a mess in this world excess of knowledge? Wrong knowledge? Replacing missing wisdom with useless services and products? Useless knowledge??? No motivation, The world is spinning too fast …

I think it’s 1:55, I’m trying to go to sleep again, I, had a fibromyalgia attack to say a few hours of writing might have helped, and I had to write a blog for a long time anyway so with these two birds with one stone.

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Traveling in France, day one.


DAY 1 Today is Wednesday 10 August we are 2022, see also previous blogpost. After almost month slowly the Ford transit custom that is also hybrid so good to set up basic as a mini camper I got up this morning at 05:00 then still in Belgium. I could already hear in the distance the highway where everyone was almost busy driving to work, it was already quite busy when I drove a little after 6 o’clock when I drove on the highway but still doable. It is probably from 2010 ago that I was still on the track so early and certainly for a long ride that I have not done after back surgery in April 2012, no holiday as I see it because that is just as well following the rat race but a quiet journey without pressure and without knowing when I will arrive at my new residential destination in France de Limousine – Corrèze or to say Nouvelle-Aquitaine where I am small (68m2à cottage I bought. I had a possible goal of 250 km set for the first ride day knowing that indeed I would not make it physically and stayed at my first pit stop in Biache-Saint-Vaast, 62118, France nicely parked along the water between under large Canada trees.

Had online there lakes – ponds hidden between these small forests. Not yet directly the heart of France but a good start, the option camping where I fortunately drove past here a few km away was good choice to ignore it. The google references of that campsite were not so thunderous and also prefer to look for freedom, have a Mifi router with 25 GB (know nothing about it but was the largest SIM card) my canon camera and a bus box (bed with kitchenette) and of course my malinois Ruben what more do you have to have? With this again a partner, female company? Laugh it is now 16:23, and it is 34 degrees in the small companion mini camper fortunately that is sustainable by the wonderful wind that blows well through the bus through the sliding door and back doors that both overlook the lakes or are the fishing ponds here and there are fishermen but not excessive there would be a lot of fish on it, and it is quiet here. Especially restful. This morning around 9 o’clock we arrived here, and the dog was whining a bit to get out of the hot bus and go for a walk. During the walk some pictures taken of a cormorant and a group of wild ducks also various photos of the lakes I will mention them sounds better pond is so human made hey maybe they will be someday.


Back at the camper van trying to take a nap until just before 12 o’clock I hear someone talking in French to someone, and suddenly he apparently spoke to me a also hybrid and therefore silent police car was right behind my open back doors, the young officer was very nice and asked if I spoke French or English, yes you know a petite Français – Angalais? So we both in French and English against each other that I had to move around in the dusty gravel parking lot because stood a few meters on the short grass, I made it clear that it was exceptionally hot (4 the heat wave in France) and I would move later in the day and I only stayed 1 night (had read online that you can possibly stand there for 7 days with camper, no idea if that’s true or still is) which wasn’t a problem. Just as quietly the police car crept away again when it had come, I got out and saw people who left in a nice single place where I am now, across where I was parked, drove immediately to that place backwards with last open back doors view of the back water 3 meters from the water and 50 meters from the water through the open sliding door it can’t be better, can it not be better? Just as quietly the police car crept away again when it had come, I got out and saw people who left in a nice single place where I am now, across where I was parked, drove immediately to that place backwards with last open back doors view of the back water 3 meters from the water and 50 meters from the water through the open sliding door it can’t be better, can it not be better?

To do only 850 km from Belgium to my new house on the edge of a small village (about 300 inhabitants) in the countryside surrounded alternately with forests, I have planned 21 holiday days. WHAT? Yes, once I would have done that on a day’s drive, but that is physically no longer possible, and I do not see it as a holiday as a ride I drive to my new cabin. Laugh but make it a trip and see the surroundings instead of racing by everywhere on 1 day on highways something I can not do give those physical limitations just enjoy from day to day what will come later or tomorrow we do not know wonderfully anyway. Afternoon I started reading the book of the Dutch MIRIAM LAMCEWOOD her book: “my life in the wilderness,” that is not the trip I make but a derivative of it, in my youth I always wanted to flee into the wilderness preferably to Canada, in her book of MIRIAM that I bought about a year ago and kept aside especially for this time she writes that she enters the rat race and the stuff in wants to leave her life behind and a year with her older wise partner Peter who once sold everything like me 13 months ago to live a simple life. In the wilderness with no modern stuff a backpack and a good bow and arrow for hunting even though she had been a vegetarian all her life she wanted to feel real life and taste what a wonderful woman!

Miram describes in her first chapter that she visits her boss for a chat and comes to quit her good regular job in order to live in the wilderness to pursue the life of a job goal to have a tittle and standard boring life with repayments does not interest her just like me and with her partner Peter she also wants to feel real life the real freedom “peace of mind” and survive as distant ancestors once did in the wild untouched nature in New Zealand. Oh my god, what a woman, where can I find herself? Now that I have been disabled since 2012 due to back surgery etc… have written it down before that does not mean that I have to give up my dream and can not live closer to nature here for example in France and slowly then build a food forest if necessary with volunteers, a real hut on the edge of a forest – more real full freedom disconnected from the standard rat race 100% would still be more amazing, but it is a start, and finally we are on our way to “peace of mind”. Now is the time to make it sit and wait for them to come along with the coffin and then dig the ground as fast as possible that it is not it NOW or NEVER.

This afternoon, brown space cooked on the two-burner gas fire with a jar of sauce warmed up and bacon cooked together with the spaghetti. This evening my rice and cornbread with cucumber and also some meat salad. The rice and corn cakes come largely from the Organic store as well as some other food for convenience in pots, fresh would be cheaper but with this heat and upcoming long weekend harder to store. Yesterday my mother told an anecdote about organic food, was already known to me but the wise neighbor of 90 and living alone had once caught an organic farmer in the late dark evening spraying his vegetables, people do indeed think that organic was always grown organically, but it is not always Then still organic does not mean that the bio diverse was grown often there are still fields of the same vegetables grown, but this also brings few nutrients and other nutritional values with something that is characteristic in the population less strong healthy bodies not to mention ground air water pollution etc., the way of agriculture forestry (food forest) delivers more diversity together on more nutritional value and better also varied yield as that in the nature is also and was once applied by man in this way, but before that everywhere in the world has been re-established, does this planet still exist?

Oh, yes I had told that in the evening I had also taken a long stray walk with my dog where I did not realize that my photo card was still in my laptop and I had taken photos without a card in the camera always too focused on what I see through the lens but not in the lens inside that indicates NO MAP. Tomorrow will be better!


Food forest, the ordered species.

I previously wrote blog posts about the creation of my food forest starting with fruit trees, when I was still busy buying and searching for a suitable environment and small house with land. Including the small house + 1 are available so good 4000/m2. Which I would plant about 1000 to 1500m2 with fruit trees, and then with vegetables mainly perennials in between and all around I keep pasture for the sheep. Maybe poultry later…

This is the list of the ordered fruit trees at the moment, there is already 1 pear tree on the plot, but don’t think a good yield should be pruned. There is an apple tree, there are already quite a little applesauce in the freezer, and they taste! There is also a mega-sized walnut tree with a mega yield where I haven’t even been able to pick them all up yet, and they are still falling from the tree, a retired neighbor also came to pick it up yesterday and already gave it away to another neighbor where I already have vegetables from her garden as her husband is in hospital who normally does the mega garden they have.

Death or wildlife will probably occur, so after planting will have to wait and see. I will also have to keep an eye on the 3 black Queassant sheeps that walk there and fence this part. 100 meters of sheep electric fence will be delivered this week with an Electrifier solar + battery + solar panel of 6 W. Hopefully also keep foxes away because the plot is located on a forest edge. By clicking on the species, all information about the species can be viewed immediately, useful for planting.

Prunus armeniaca ‘Lady Cot’ abrikoos, 5 liter pot 1x
Set van 3 Blauwe bessen- Vaccinium corymbosum – Hoogte +60cm – 2 Liter pot – Mix B 3x(set)
Kaki (Sharon Fruit) Rojo Brillant – 5 liter pot – 80cm 1x
Pyrus communis ‘Conference’ perenboom, 5 liter pot 1x
Prunus persica ‘Donut’ wilde perzikboom, Kneusje, 5 liter pot 1x
Prunus domestica ‘Bleue de Belgique’ pruimenboom, 5 liter 1x
Arbutus unedo, aardbeienboom, 2 liter pot 1x
Ficus carica ‘Grise de tarascon’ Vijgenboom, 2 liter pot 1x
Prunus dulcis ‘Tuono’, amandelboom, 5 liter pot 1x
Rubus idaeus Glen Ample, rode framboos, 2 liter pot. 1x
Prunus avium ‘Athos’® Unieke kersenstruik, 3 liter pot 1x
Lonicera caerulea Ruth ‘Kamtschatica’ Blauwe honingbes, 2 liter pot 1x
Granaatappel ‘Acco’, Punica granatum, 2 liter pot 1x
Vitis vinifera ‘Cabernet Cantor’ blauwe druif, 13 cm pot 1x
Vitis vinifera ‘Palatina’ witte druif, 13 cm pot 1x
Actinidia deliciosa ‘Jenny’ (Zelf bestuivende kiwi), 2 liter pot 1x
Aronia prunifolia Viking, appelbes, bessenstruik, 2 liter pot 1x
Asparagus officinalis ‘Erasmus’ paarse asperge, 2 liter pot 1x
Japanse Moerbei, Morus bombycis ‘Shin Tso’, 1,5L pot 1x
Malus domestica ‘Elstar’ appelboom, 5 liter pot x1
Yes, the list is written in Dutch 22 total
(copy of order) O
Google … My
Will translate it for you if necessary!God

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Day 10 trip France, new live.

On my slow way to new little house in Corrèze France.

DAY 10 Friday 19/08/2022

finding the wild spot.
Go where you are not supposed to go.
Dog Ruben looking at me or to the view (photo below)
Back view of place camper van for this day and night.
Breakfast time.
Cascades de Gimel.
At, Cascades de Gimel.
Visit next morning, Cascades de Gimel.
River, Cascades de Gimel
Visit castle Tours de Merle.

Completely exhausted from the trip, and walks getting up early decided to drive on to my final destination or is it a new committed my French cottage. Where late afternoon we arrived. Unfortunately, I did not always have a good internet connection, and / or battery not sufficiently charged while driving (hybrid DIY camper van)

To be continued!


Day 9 trip France, new live.

Cascade saut de la Virole.

On my slow way to new little house in Corrèze France.

DAY 9 Thursday 18/08/2022

Barrage de Treignac.
Barrage de Treignac.
Cascade saut de la Virole, dog Ruben.
Passing by.
Waliking to Cascade saut de la Virole.
Last night, lost in the woods.
At the moment, back view camper van.


Day 8 trip France, new live.

Last evening, raining.

DAY 8 Wednesday 17/08/2022

Pierre Branlante, La Jonchère-Saint-Maurice.

Went to sleep around 8pm last night, and got up this morning at 8 o’clock of the night. It rained occasionally yesterday, and this night there was quite a bit of rain. I didn’t like setting up a tent, a tent cover is enough for the night and that worked fine.

It is not important to climb the ladder all your life, it is the now moment and your nature to have known your soul.

Today I thought I would only drive a 25 km first to a viewpoint 6 km further and then towards a river to find a place there, but this eventually became a bit km further. …

Ruben. At Pierre Branlante
View for day 8, Pierre Branlante.
Forest walked this morning, Pierre Branlante.
Day 8, new place, new view!

And so we are currently standing here with this view!

After a walk we found this secluded spot, I went first at 15:30 opening time to local store for some extra food for the coming days and moved to this nice quiet cool place, better for the dog. If i’s not going to rain we will stay other ways, we need to go back to the view spot.

Day 7 trip France, new live.

Arboretum Domanial de la Jonchère Saint Maurice.

DAY 7 Tuesday 16/08/2022 Time goes so fast that I mix up the days, the free feeling in nature every day somewhere else without being on campsites suits me very much. The boyhood dream of 30 – 35 years ago that has always remained to live freely in with and from nature has never gone away. Few days in DIY camper van is of course not the same, the feeling and the surrounding nature is already a say, I come to rest the days fly by we are at Arboretum Domanial de la Jonchère Saint Maurice lovely place to stay and walking.

Today occasionally some drizzle then some sun and a breeze wind, thought for a moment that I had to set up my tent sail but the weather turns and quickly turns some rain then sun again. I thought I would drive + 5 km this afternoon to walk from there on foot to a mountain view but the fatigue together with different weather types make me stop, and it is quiet here.

I am in a forest area once laid out a long time ago with various trees from several countries, a small naturally remote tourist attraction as I see it. Since this morning there are just a few French people who drive up and down every few hours, it is a walk of 1.6 km unless you continue as far as you can.

This morning I forgot to charge the laptop while driving, so today I keep it limited with one Mifi router and laptop use. Finding a new place every day is not very difficult in France, especially if you have been able to browse Google Maps the day before with a street view if possible you immediately know where you can stand.


Day 6 trip France, new live.

Château de Romefort, La Brenne Regional Nature Park.

On my slow way to new little house in Corrèze France.

DAY 6 Monday 14/08/2022

We are now in Chaillac, at about 210 km from the new home do not know how many days I will spend on my way and visiting others areas I think 2 or 3 days.

I picked two apples on the terrace of a restaurant which was already closed next to the parking area, they fell on the gravel ground without being used. Went to visit two castles today, both are unfortunately in private hands the one thinks of the water when I see online is from a real estate agent who excesses of money that they wrongly earn from selling houses is still a shame, I see it already for me, you are sitting there in your cold and large castle with a lot of maintenance costs and no cat that comes along and is not even allowed to come by.

Bridge over river, the river creuse.

However, some nice pictures also of the iron bridge and the castle along the river that we have walked a bit next to. I thought of the ruined castle with photo with that gate standing remaining wall that we could spend day and night there but read the reviews owner and neighbors with dogs are not really happy with that and scares visitors away often, so I did not look for another entrance and parked a little further back. On the way for a photo another bridge stopped I saw a concrete slab where the bus just fit so drove on it, nice say fits nice and clean I thought. I took the picture and immediately called dog Ruben back to the bus, which was already walking across the street. Instead of reversing the same clean road to the street, I immediately drove myself into freshly laid out soil, after fifteen minutes of trying and putting branches and stones under front wheels “front-wheel drive” I managed to get out.

Was already afraid that the lithium battery of the hybrid would be hit, but was still high enough in my opinion. Thereafter at two other stop places after departure had a problem with brakes that did not work, I could just panic almost not brake. Finally, for the time being that is in order I have now moved for a second time because we were in a wooded place but at an entrance of some groundwater activities with dangerous signs NO ACCESS. Hours later came a few times small jeep car to see what we were doing drove by a few times but didn’t come to say anything, so we stayed there lunch eating space with sausages and some spicy vegetable mixture jar with whiskey sauce

River creuse, Ciron

The feeling remained we did not stand really well, but quiet and elevated Nivea in forest, away from small not busy street. Just google and on a 3-minute drive was a free camper place with good references. Towards it the one demarcated camper place was paid small-scale with a view of water but most places right in the sun and all next to each other, although there were only 4 large campers, not really cozy but electricity and water supply. To the right next to it was a larger gravel parking with only 2 campers, and a bit further large grassland with beach. I parked between two trees on the grassland for the shade but was parked fairly obliquely so that was not going to work either. Door open dog out look around and walk around the large lake made looking for other spot. And there were on the other side there turned out to be several lakes, and on return immediately drove to the other side of the lake via a gravel road, where only so far occasionally hikers French people with their dog pass by, perhaps also from campers because houses are not immediately here. Now we are shady and immediately 5 meters from the water, visible through a sliding door and two behind patio doors.

Sunflower field in Ciron.

Have seen that it is still a good 200 km to the new small French house, but the trip is now more important than the destination. These days I first pass through a forest with various trees from all over the world as I have read, also visit a higher view mountain and another hidden waterfall. Possibly I also take it easy for 2 or 3 days. And then again to another nature park then we are a bit closer to the house, it could be that I am still in the van until Sunday we see no pressure!

Ruines du château de Brosse, Chaillac, Frankrijk
View van back doors.
View van sliding door.

Day 4 trip France, new live.


On my slow way to new little house in Corrèze France.

DAY 4 Saturday 13/08/2022 4 in 10 get more stress and burnouts due to holidays, My god why did I watch the news of the day online for a few seconds? From such standard reports I myself immediately get stressed, the society is one and all stress it is a disease-inducing society unnaturally rushed you have to this you have to that it has to be planned now it has to be planned it has to be paid my god what a shit such life I never want again!

Château du Bouchet.

Partly thanks to this social form it is now hot everywhere, fourth heat wave goes through France everything is bone dry, I drove on a mega large French ridden grassland on somewhere in a corner shade to be found for us “dog Ruben and I)” were after 16 hours nag walk as every day he was really waiting for it but also misunderstood him around again fish ponds that France very much counts with little shade was the baking and roasting, back at the camper van I decided to move to that meadowland +- 500 meters further, because since this morning stood under the trees in front of a wooden barrier where you were actually not allowed to stand by the fire brigade and occasionally your car usually had fishermen who went up and down and that gave some dust the car had also washed off this afternoon under the dry climate dust.

Château du Bouchet.

I only took a few pictures during the walk it was really too hot, however there is a lot of wind, in the open camper van it is good the wind blows through open back doors and goes outside again through sliding door. Here and there you can also hear various birds sheltering from the heat even now around 18:52h hopefully this evening there are deer to be seen here on the open field the camera is ready!

Château du Bouchet.

Deze ochtend ook om 05:00 opgestaan de bestemming was minder, had gisteren problemen met mifi router en kon via laptop geen goede locatie zoeken, dus deze ochtend op iphone even gekeken en ongeveer 2 tal uur later kwamen we aan op een afgesloten domein dat om 08:00 dan open ging. Was een atletiek piste etc… rondom was er wel een bos wandeling 1,6km die we gedaan hebben. Doorgereden naar andere plek aan een rivier maar was niet zoals google het opgaf en je stond er vlak in de zon zonder schaduw, hond zat al te puffen niet te doen en moest eerst nog naar de winkel voor extra drinkwater want weet niet of we zondag en de feestdag maandag rondkomen of sterven van de klimaat dorst.

Château du Bouchet.

Toen ik de camperbus aan het afwassen was, kreeg ik het opnieuw in gedachte verdorie nee he, ja ik ben dus al sinds woensdag onderweg en het is nu zaterdag naar mijn nieuwe woonadres een kleine cottage van 68/m2 in Corrèze welk ik online gekocht heb via vele mails en slechts één online bezichtiging (zie vorige blog posts)

Pinus pinea tree, Château du Bouchetn view.

And now my words are up for today.

Château du Bouchet.
Blak horses in Parc Naturel Régional De La Brenne.
Yellow-green torch snake, a dead one.
Camper van visitor.
Feeling of freedom.

Day 3 trip France, new live.

Forêt de Fontainebleau.

On my slow way to new little house in Corrèze France.

DAY 3 Friday 12/08/2022 Also today 05:00 got up and immediately left for a ride of 161 km without toll roads and this time it worked out, the first two days I had missed one turn and other times it was the GPS that made me pay tolls on the highways but not today. I drive out of the forest and soon come on a road called Madeleine after my mother’s first name, oh well I thought are my distant ancestors from France?

We drive past Paris to a national forest where there are great boulders from distant times. It’s like going back to your roots, the forest and rock formations just amazing . Here have been practiced for ages in rock climbing without ropes, most visitors here locally French, but I also see English people come here learning rock climbing without safety except for the mattress mat they have with them where they first clean their special well-fitting rock climb shoes, apparently. And you may also use this mat as a fall mat even if it is only something of a square meter in size, you must already be lucky that you do not fall or else just on that mat. Many climbers have the typical bun short ponytail shows a bit wild and natural, the summer for my father died was in 2018 see that still you have to grow ponytail was that already planning when I moved abroad simple life closer or in nature.

My mother doesn’t like anything and then worry about it, I don’t find the maintenance in everything I do it worthwhile to put on it for the time being too long to wash it and too hot now my hair is super short. This afternoon was a Chinese couple with small child here, the child came to my dog a super sweet social, but a beast is and remains a beast just like man can suddenly shoot out and that one dog unexpectedly did too. From sweet dog he went to bloodthirsty dog wolf and attacked the child younger than 3 years, I think the child fell from shooting crying back what luck in an accident because others had their teeth in her face. My quick additional reaction when she was falling, and I called the dog back who responded immediately has blood and more prevented, the child came with a dog warning scare and tears and hopefully learned lesson always pay attention to strange animals or people. Yes the dog was on a leash, but the child came closer it quite happens even another child has petted the dog months ago without a problem it may be that the foreign language triggered one dog and immediately attacked out of the unknown.

From Belgium to new place of residence in the middle of France the planned trip was 849 km via campsites, and without toll roads, I follow about that route only without standing on campsites until now this is fine. I don’t have a solar panel, but I have USB connections for the compressor refrigerator that is on in the morning during the ride with provided ice packs that keep everything reasonably cool for the rest of the day. Verde I have 230 connection between the zetas also for while driving to charge laptop or canon batteries I have to make a choice because can not charge both at the same time so first the laptop so first the laptop so that I can spend hours a day on laptop and the spare battery canon camera can then also be charged even further during ride must then more than hour drive like this morning.

Also have a mini power station that I bought had for my previous car, an almost 15-year-old Land Rover that I have now exchanged for this transit custom hybrid demo second hand that I travel with you. I also have an extra power station at the bottom of a lamp for during the night, although the car has excellent lighting when I close a door at the back and closes the lighting stays on for about half an hour, to go to sleep sometimes a bit difficult you can not turn it off in the converted cargo area always stays long after burning those 4 LED lights. Whether I can go over a longer period without further power supply than just the car that is waiting, think now earlier with this warm weather that the drinking water will soon be gone had about 23 liters at on day three 19:15 there is already an estimated 10 liters used in drinking water that is also boiled with.

I also had 60 liters of water from the pump “groundwater” to wash off and the dog also drinks from this, it seemed fairly clear but after a few days that it is already in the plastic Jerry cans (2×25 liters and 1 x 10 liters) before departure, there is still a small color to be seen. I still have an empty 10 liters that I was going to use as necessary for waste water, but I don’t really need it if I thought beforehand, I use 100% organic soap for that little bit of washing up and can therefore be thrown away in no time. If necessary, I will fill it with drinking water next time. Today I lost a lot of battery and my own energy to my Mifi and even Wi-Fi from mobile phones that both have no reception here in the forest. The Chinese man was regularly on the first climb rock here a small 7 meters high I think + his body length and could make a phone call there. Hopefully tomorrow

Wi-Fi via the Mifi router I use it for first times and notice in forest areas probably here in France or because of the canopy no good to no connection this morning but could not upload photos and therefore no text it will be for … 19:22 time for mixture of nuts to end evening.

Before going to bed.

Day 2 trip France, new live.

On my slow way to new little house in Corrèze France.


DAY 2 Biache-Saint-Vaast, 62118, France 05:00 alarm clock goes off same as yesterday Wednesday morning what the departure day was today we are August 11 day 2. Sitting in edge of bed in underwear just comes a car next to me so typical old van containing the man with the cap perhaps retired fisherman who indeed comes fishing in the many ponds.

Pee done and left immediately, given the beginning of the late evening night rest yesterday was blood hot (Dog Ruben and I) we first part of the night with opening hours trying to sleep maybe sometime after midnight temperature started to sink well, and I even needed blanket around 4 o’clock this morning. There was not much sleep when well slept in finally that alarm clock went off, with this heat wave we have to leave earlier again about 103 km towards a campsite but again like yesterday I had little desire to stand on camping. The GPS had me lurking.

Château de Boulogne la Grasse.

Wanted to avoid toll roads, and yet I almost immediately came across such a payment road, shit. A pit stop for toilet made in such a road parking lot where apparently small shopping center was located most I think eateries, it was fairly busy there were a number of buses also where the passengers just came in also so early in the morning. Yesterday at the previous pit stop it was 0.50euro today it was free of the toilet visit, there were also paid showers, but they were cleaning them, and had to get back on the track before the sun rises further which was bright yellow red and beautifully round but also dangerously low shining for the road a nice view that you do not see everywhere.

See. About 10 km before the campsite I was very sure, I saw the rolling farm landscape with forests here and there in the distance, looking for an exit road I took a small farm asphalt road and came out between the woods where the sun did not yet have a chance to cook us. Here breakfast eaten pancakes, unfortunately no bananas, it gives extra energy in the morning. After Ruben had also eaten after some poking because he was already warm, we went for a walk around the edge of the forest, where a roe was immediately spotted, sneaking we came closer, and I could take some better photos until she jumped away deep into the high grass towards the forest.

Walking up the mountain there was in the distance kind of old castle farmer’s yard which also provided a nice picture, it can not look up what it was because the Mifi router does not connect between the trees. Have already had to move three times because of the rotating hot sun. After the walk I caught up on sleep, and put some photo’s online, then it was already about 12 hours and I cooked rice with vegan burger and champions. And so now some writing wanted to continue with the pictures of this morning but Mifi does not do it unfortunately I hope it is only the covering trees that stop it when the sun is later hopefully behind the forests of this morning I can stand 100 meters further back in the open place a mega large meadow surrounded by these forests to spend the night. Now take a nap.

17:57 outside very hot, lie in the bus that I have moved again to have shade because that sun really follows you, and yes edge forest I have Wi-Fi back via the Mifi router hola.

And tomorrow we will see where we end up.
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